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How to order from overseas
1. Orders can be placed for a product price of 20,000 yen or more (excluding tax).

2. Please check if your delivery address is in a deliverable area. (Delivery by EMS.)

3. You can check the total price of the products by adding all the products you like to the cart.
(Since tableware is packed tightly, if you multiply the shipping fee for 1 kg of the product weight by the total quantity, you can get an approximate shipping fee.)

(Example: In Asia In the case of a total of 10 pieces delivered, the shipping fee is

2,100 yen (up to 1.0 kg) x total quantity of 10 pieces

= shipping fee of about 21,000 yen (excluding tax))

4. Please send an email to "" with the "order summary", name, address, phone number and email address.
We will estimate the specific shipping fee and send you a confirmation email again.


5. Please check the amount, enter the card information if you wish to pay by credit card, write so if you wish to transfer to the bank, and reply back.

6. As soon as payment is confirmed, we will start preparing for shipping.

・Wrap each sheet in newspaper, and wrap it in air packing (commonly known as bubble wrap). Wrap it in cardboard.


・Spread cushions on the bottom of the box and pack the products in the box. Pack the surrounding four sides with packing to prevent the contents from moving.

・Also cover the top surface with packing.

・Finally, wrap the FRAGILE tape and complete!

EMS (International Express Mail) (express air) Highly safe and super speedy. It will arrive in about one week after shipping.

・Customs duties may be incurred depending on the country. In that case, please note that the customs duty, etc. incurred will be borne by the recipient.
・Please open the package immediately after arrival and check the product. A large amount of packing (newspaper) is included because it is packed with priority on not breaking. Inspect especially small items so that you do not accidentally throw them away.

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